Hotel & Rental Accommodation

Accommodation choices can make or break your holiday experience as you could find yourself too far away (or too close!!) from the pastimes and activities that you came for.  Although Hua Hin is not a particularly large town, it hotels and rental properties are widely spread.  Here is a breakdown of accommodation in the main areas of Hua Hin:

Bor Fai Accommodation

This is the area nearest Hua Hin Airport.  On the main Petchkasem Road (especially on the beach side of the road) there are a number of quality hotel accommodations and restaurants, but not much in the way of nightlife.  However, the Green Line Songhaew will take you into town, but you will need a taxi to get you back home.

Central Hua Hin Accommodation

Central Hua Hin is where the majority of hotel accommodation is located for the beach and for nightlife.  We have arrangements with some hotels that are within easy walking distance of everything, so you do not have to rely on public or private transport.

Koh Takiab Accommodation

Koh Takiab is to the south of Hua Hin.  This is the area where the Pattaya/Hua Hin ferry operates.  It has a nice beach and plenty of hotel accommodations and restaurants, but maybe not so much nightlife.  It is also home to the Cicada and Tamarind markets at the weekend.  The Green Line songhaew services this area (in part).

Pranburi Accommodation

Pranburi has many boutique hotel accommodation right across the road from the sea.  However, you may struggle to find much in the way of restaurants and nightlife as the hotel area is quite isolated.

Accommodation Further Afield

If you are fed up of life (and pollution) of the city, you may want to get away from it all.  We have found the ideal locations in Bang Saphan.  You have the choice of Koh Talu island, where watersports are high on the agenda, or Baan Grood Arcadia where a beautiful beach and spa treatments await.  Check out our range of overnight packages to both locations.

We provide you with a choice of accommodation to suit your lifestyle and needs. You can book airport transfer hotels, hotels within reach of beaches and nightlife, and resorts where you can relax.