Guangzhou Floating Market

From: ฿20.00

Guangzhou Floating Market is the world’s only floating market on a waterfall.  Surrounded by beautiful nature, it allows the locals to sell their products to tourists every weekend.

Guangzhou Floating Market (also known as Kwangchow Floating Market) is the world’s only floating market situated on a waterfall. The market allows the locals who live nearby to sell their products to tourists every weekend.  The products are mainly vegetables and fruit, but there are also rare local delicacies to be had.

You can visit the fish spa that is located in the middle of the jungle and surrounded by nature and streams. You can try paddling a boat along a 400-metre long route stretching through the floating market and around the waterfall.  Additionally paying your respect to the sacred old weeping fig is a must. Try walking along the cooling bamboo tunnel with a temperature of 25 degree Celsius, or cool off by swimming under the waterfall.

Entrance to Guangzhou Floating Markett is THB20, but additional fees are payable for things like the boat tour to the waterfall.

This venue is currently not included in any of our Guided Tours, but if you want to visit, then please check out our Private Charter rates.

As this is a free-to-enter destination, please do not try to make bookings through this website.  This page is for your information only to let you know what activities are available.


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