Na Yang Bat Cave


Na Yang Bat Cave, Cha’am, Phetchaburi is home to hundreds of thousands of bats.  Just before sunset, they exit the cave en masse in order to search for food.  This sight is truly unbelievable, so have you camera ready!!

It is a truly surreal sight to see the snaking column of bats across the dusky sky moving as poetry in motion.  As Na Yang Bat Cave is totally natural shelter, it is fair to assume that the bats must have been doing this for thousands of years!!

The Canadian poet, Amanda Jernigan, was an exchange student in Thailand in 2005.  After visiting this venue she was inspired to write the following poem:


They billow from a hillside in Cha’am.
Together, they are more than plural:
the planet’s darkest song, a tongue,
a serpent muscling air apart,
a dire banner come unfurled,
a river flowing wholly from
the old, mute mountain’s desperate heart,
the last confession of the world.
Conceive of each one singly, if you can.

The spectacle only lasts for a few minutes.  Please ensure that you are at the venue for about 1730 so that you do not miss anything!!  Whilst Na Yang Bat Cave is a free activity, a local resident has set up a good viewing area with seats and a public lavatory for the cost of THB 20 per person.

Whilst this activity features on some of our Guided Tours, you may want to visit here independently. Please refer to our Private Charter rates to Cha’am.

As this is a cheap-to-enter destination, please do not try to make bookings through this website.  This page is for your information only to let you know what activities are available.

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