Puek Tian Beach


Puek Tian beach is a popular photographic spot with many sculptures from characters created by Thailand’s most famous poet, Sunthorn Phoo, rising from the sea.

The poem, Phra Aphai Mani, depicts an Ogress who disguised herself as a beautiful temptress to win the love of the hero and imprison him on the beach.  But he discovers her true identity (and ugliness) and with the help of a mermaid, he escapes.

As a location, there are better beaches nearby if you are actually looking for a beach-based activity.  However, the true attraction of this site are the statues, which are not too far away from the beach promenade.  There are also a few restaurant/cafes here, so you can enjoy a drink or snack under the spell of the Ogress!!

Although this location features on many of our Guided Tours, you may wish to visit this location independently.  Please refer to our Private Charter rates for Tha Yang.

As this is a free-to-enter destination, please do not try to make bookings through this website.  This page is for your information only to let you know what activities are available.

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