Siam Milsim Hua Hin

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Siam Milsim is the head-quarters of military simulation activities. People from all ages can come and participate in the unique concept of military simulation games.

Siam Milsim is the head-quarters of military simulation activities. People from all ages can come and participate in the unique concept of military simulation games.

Its goal is to give the opportunity for its customers to feel, for one day, the excitement of taking part in military activities.

Siam Milsim does not promote war or violence. The simulation games provide the thrill and the adventure of a real mission but in a friendly, fun and positive environment.

Some of these activities may not include transport to/from Siam Milsim.  Please refer to our link regarding Alternative Transport in Hua Hin.

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Activities At Siam Milsim Hua Hin

Handgun or Rifle

At Siam Milsim everything evolves around Military Simulation. With the super realistic replica Airsoft BB Guns your shooting experience will be as realistic as possible. At the clubhouse you will be taught all the main rules about the weapon & safety, followed by CQB Tactical Shooting (Close Quarter Combat) and around 5 or 6 different tactical movements. After the training there will be time for a small break before going to the Assault Course where you will have to press a timer and clear all 10 target around the course as fast as possible.

The training per weapon takes about 45 minutes.

ATV Tour

Siam Milsim only use the best brand Can-Am ATV’s ranging from 650cc to 1000cc. You will drive up to Monkey Mountain where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of Hua Hin city and see the friendly monkeys who live there. The second part will be off-road driving through Rocky Valley with challenging terrain and beautiful nature. During the Tour you will be provided with drinks.  Once back at our clubhouse you will be served fruits & snacks and after the break some free Handgun shooting is included!

ATV Hunt

The ATV Hunt is the activity where you shoot and ride on ATV at the same time. You will dress up with full gear uniform and equipped with airsoft gun with full protection. After training how to use the airsoft gun and how to shoot, you will also get to ride the ATV on the dirt track in front of the clubhouse. After a tactical briefing, you will go to the zombies valley on ATVs where you will have to shoot zombies and bad guys to make your mission complete.

Zombie Safari (minimum 5 people required per event)

Zombie Safari is the first in the world zombie night hunt.

After a training at our club house you will be equipped with Airsoft guns and taken around “Zombie land” for a 2-3 hours hunt. There you will have to find a maximum of zombies and bad guys, shoot them up and try to stay alive to complete the mission. The training starts at 16:00. The mission ends at around 20:30 to 21:00. then back to Siam Milsim’s club house where you will enjoy watching the pictures and videos of your adventure!

Zombie Infection (minimum 5 people required per event)

Zombie Infection is a  “Resident Evil” once in lifetime experience where you are the hero.

The plot is simple. Rebels have created a virus and are preparing an army of zombies. The world needs you to join a special forces unit, kill the enemies and exterminate the zombies before the virus spreads.

The event is a full war simulation game taking place from 1pm to 10pm.

The adventure starts with a training (rifle handling, tactic and hand signal). Then a minivan conveys you to a secret location where the mission takes place. After the mission you will enjoy good food, drinks and music while watching the video and pictures of your adventure.

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