Taxis & Tuk-Tuks in Hua Hin



Taxis & Tuk-Tuks come in all shapes, sizes and forms in Hua Hin.  From purpose-built to converted trucks; from small cars to luxury limousines and everything in between.  They do have many things in common in that they are neither licensed nor metered.  You will find they will also vary in comfort and safety (no seat belts etc.).  Converted taxis are fine for use on short single/return journeys providing you are willing to sacrifice comfort and safety.  However, for longer journeys, you should always strive for purpose-built comfort.

Hua Hin Tuk Tuks can be a convenient way of getting around the narrow streets of the centre as they can fit down roads that cars cannot, but again they lack in comfort and safety, so are only really suitable for short journeys.

You can find Hua Hin Taxis and Tuk Tuks outside most major landmarks and hotels.  Their price may be relatively cheap, but it is important that you negotiate any fare before getting in.

By far, the safest and most comfortable way of getting around is to  use our Private Charter services, where we can guarantee that you will have a professional driver and a modern air-conditioned vehicle.

Please do not use this website to try to book taxis or tuk tuks.

Here is a link to good advice to (hopefully) stop you being scammed by taxi and tuk tuk drivers.

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