Wat Tham Rong


Wat Tham Rong is a quaint temple situated in a quiet rural setting.  The temple is picturesque, but no more so than many of the other temples in Thailand.  However, what makes this place different is across the road – Luang Por Dham.  This is a cave housing a sacred Buddha that is estimated to be over 700 years old.  The cave and the statues inside are spellbinding.  They have been preserved magnificently given their age and location.

Wat Tham Rong features on our Temple Cave Tour and our Phetchaburi Highlights Tour.  However, if you want to visit it independently, please check out our Private Charter Rates.

As this is a free-to-enter destination, please do not try to make bookings through this website.  This page is for your information only to let you know what activities are available.

Here is a link to a recent blog about Tham Rong community.

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