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As a member of the Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (“TEATA”) we provide ethical tours that we feel are value for money.  We recognise how hard you have worked to get the money to travel here and we do not want you to waste it.  

However, if you do not want to be part of a tour, we also provide a driver and transport so that you have the opportunity and mobility to do whatever you like.

We are also the only company with up-to-date local knowledge where you can view, book and pay for activities from your mobile device.

We continually strive to improve and build on our range of tours, activities and destinations. However, i=f you do not see any particular tour or location, then please contact us. Currently our products are grouped in the following categories:


We have sourced some very good hotel accommodation for you. You have a choice of hotels at Suvarnabhumi Airport so that you can break up your incoming or outgoing journey with an overnight in Bangkok. We have located hotels in downtown Hua Hin that are within easy walking distance of everything. However, if you want to get away from it all, we can arrange that too!!

Action & Adventure Tours

Hua Hin is ideally situated to provide you with a wide range of water, land and air-based activities that are guaranteed to make your stay a memorable one.

Hua Hin’s shallow waters, sea breezes and long beaches, make it the perfect location for a range of watersports.

Bike & Hike Tours

Take in the glorious scenery with leisurely bicycle rides and treks through some of Thailand’s National Parks and Royal Projects.

Culture & Heritage Tours

The areas of Hua Hin, Cha’am and Phetchaburi are noted for their Royal connections (and therefore palaces). They are also noted for their fascinating temples and we have put together some tours of the absolute best (and quirky) locations.

Getting Around

From a comfort and safety point of view, we would only ever recommend our drivers and vehicles to get around. However, we recognise that you may not want to hire a driver and vehicle for a day, or that you destination is nearby. In such cases we recommend using the Songthaew routes, but if your destination is not on one of these routes, we suggest that you negotiate the price of a taxi or tuk-tuk and only use these for short journeys.

Tour Packages

Our Tour Packages are innovative and fresh. Our Tour Packages are fairly and competitively priced with the option of having extras such as TAT-licensed tour guides and meals included.

We always want to give our customers value for money, so we like to go the extra mile – normally in the form of fantastic photo opportunities to add to your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Overnight Packages

Whilst there are many diverse things to do in Hua Hin, we recognise that you may want to cast your net further afield. We have therefore compiled, again with the emphasis on value, a number of overnight tour packages. However, if you do not see anything that you like, speak to us and we can make your dreams come true!!

Private Charter Locations

Whilst we are very proud of our Tour Package locations and pricing, we recognise that some people will want to do their own thing, at their own pace. We suggest that you compile a list of where you want to go, or what you want to see and we can provide you with a professional driver and suitable vehicle for your party size.

Shopping, Food & Dining Tours

From local markets to designer villages and shopping malls, there are so many to choose from in or around Hua Hin.

Try some of Thailand’s best street food in the night markets, or take a course on how to make your own!!

Theme Park

There are a number of theme parks in Hua Hin that will appeal to people of all ages. From small petting zoos to large water parks, there is plenty for everyone.

Wildlife & Nature Tours

Hua Hin is centrally placed for a number of Thailand’s finest National Parks and Royal Projects where you can see a wide array of animals, birds and flowers.

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