Alternative Transport in Hua Hin

Getting Around Hua Hin

Transport in Hua Hin is relatively straightforward. You have the choice of walking, motorcycle taxi, songthaew, tuk-tuk, taxi, car/motorcycle hire and private charter. However, which option should you choose?

Thailand’s streets are dangerous and traffic laws are not rigorously enforced. To hire any vehicle legally in Thailand you have to have a valid licence and International Driving Permit, otherwise you may fall foul of the local police. Motorcycles are just dangerous and motorcycle taxis rarely give you a helmet!! The majority of taxis and tuk-tuks are fine for short journeys, but be aware that you will have to sacrifice comfort and safety (no seat belts and converted trucks being used). You will also have to negotiate the fare up front to avoid being scammed.

We recommend that you always travel on 4 wheels – maybe we are just too sensible!! If you are shaping up for a trip to many (or far away) locations we recommend that you charter a driver and an appropriate vehicle for your needs. Please see our Private Charter rates for more details. However, if you are simply looking for one-way transport in Hua Hin, we recommend taking a songthaew or taxi/tuk-tuk.